Come on in...Hyung-Soo's PROFILE.

Hyung-Soo's Profile

                         Hello Everyone~
                         First of all, I'd like to thank you all for visiting my homepage.
                         In addition, I really would like you to enjoy yourselves while you are here~
                         I ought you have all came in to this corner to know more about me...
                         Um... I am Hyung-Soo Kim... Just an ordinary student of Mclean High school.
                         I live in Mclean, Virginia...
                         Um... I have listed some important information about myself below.

                         Name-  Hyung-Soo Kim
                         Age -  15
                         Date of birth- January 22nd, 1985 ( I'll be expecting presents on that day~)
                         Nationality -  Korean
                         Hobby -  Playing computer games ( Such as Starcraft)
                                      Listening to music  ( All genres,but especially balad and R&B)
                                      Playing basketball  (Love to watch NBA~)
                         Reason came to the U.S-  'Cause of dad's work in the embassy.
                         Dream-  Nothing special, but to have a job that can help others.
                         Family- Mom, Dad, and a sister.

                         Ok~ That's almost all for the significant things about me!
                         Hope you have renewed your thoughts about me... ^^;
                         For the people that are not satisfied with the information,
                         Come and see me whenever you intend, and I'll provide you with plenty more.

                         I have uploaded some photos of me, from young to present.
                         They are listed right below~. Also,if you want to see the pics more bigger,click on them~


                         And that is all for the profile corner.
                         If you have comments about the writings and other things on this corner,
                         Leave a note in the guest book and let me know.

                         Thank you all~