Come on in...Linked sites...

Linked Web Sites

KyuJin's homepage-Mp3 download,infos on hacking and more...

Youjin's homepage- Lot's of cool infos on Backstreetboys and 'Nsync and more~

Have a wonderful time with Kitty~ Real cool...

Download some coolest Korean Mp3 files

Latest Korean news and more

Jae-Hyung's short site which is full of words

Lyrics for the latest pop songs...from

Online shopping site for Asian pop songs-The one that I use the most.. ^^;

Guide to English grammer and writing - really useful~

Homepages for Korean pop stars~ including HOT,SES,Shinhwa,LeeJungHyun and more..

I am planning to put some more... So come back and have a look later...